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Does ArginMax For Women Improve Libido in Female Cancer Survivors?

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Cancer survivors suffer both physical and psychological distress long after grueling, disruptive treatments have ended. Some struggle with fatigue, pain, depression, and sexual dysfunction for years. A pivotal new study conducted by researchers at the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Wake Forest University Community Clinical Oncology Program Research Bases, funded by the National Cancer Institute, has found that the all-natural nutritional supplement ArginMax for Women, can have a dramatic, positive impact on female cancer survivors' quality of life.

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ArginMax was first studied at Stanford University using a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Seventy-four percent of women experienced enhanced sexual desire compared to thirty-seven percent in the placebo group. These significant improvements in sexual function lead Dr. Kathryn M. Greven, a radiation oncologist at Wake Forest, to study the effects of ArginMax for Women on female cancer survivors.

Researchers recruited 186 cancer patients to participate in this pioneering study. To be considered, adult female volunteers had to be at least six months from active treatment with no current evidence of cancer. Adhering to standard double-blind placebo-controlled protocol, neither the participants nor the investigators knew who was receiving the supplement and who was receiving a placebo. Because ArginMax was designed as a sexual enhancement aid, researchers were primarily looking for changes in sexual functioning. What astonished them the most, however, was an across-the-board boost in participants' measures of quality of life and overall well-being.

"The ArginMax group experienced significant improvement in overall quality of life, particularly physical well-being (e.g., bothersome symptoms like lack of energy, pain, nausea, and sleeplessness) and functional well-being (e.g, ability to perform normal activities at home and work and enjoying life) compared to the placebo group," explained Dr. Kathryn Greven, a Wake Forest radiation oncologist and principal investigator of the study. In addition, the ArginMax group experienced greater enjoyment of life. According to Dr. Ed Shaw, director of Wake Forest's CCOP Research Base, cancer survivors can suffer from persistent inflammation, also known as chronic oxidative stress, that can persist for years following the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The constituents of ArginMax may be helping to counteract this process. Beyond managing individual symptoms as they appear, the medical community has not been able to offer cancer patients more global symptom relief. "This research is empowering for the community of cancer survivors," Dr. Shaw adds. "We've long suspected that dietary supplements could be a solution, but previous studies on other drugs and supplements have had disappointing outcomes. The results of this study give us renewed hope in this area. We are excited about our continued collaboration with the Daily Wellness Company to expand on this research."

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Although this study did not show significant improvement in sexual dysfunction among this group of cancer survivors, this is not surprising. Even though ArginMax has successfully helped millions of women have a more enjoyable sex life since it's introduction 11 years ago, the level of sexual dysfunction in many cancer survivors is more severe than in the general population. Factors such as chronic oxidative stress, fatigue, pain, and depression from the cancer itself or its treatment dramatically reduces the total benefits that ArginMax for Women can offer. The fact that ArginMax for Women was shown to significantly improve quality of life points to a real possibility that increasing the dosage and/or combining ArginMax for Women with other therapeutics will also lead to significant improvements in sexual function. Clinical studies are currently planned to explore these possibilities.

Results of the study were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting on June 6, 2011 at the McCormick Convention Center in Chicago.

About the research

The Comprehensive Cancer Center (CCC) of Wake Forest University is a National Cancer Institute designated CCC and one of the nation's leaders in cancer treatment and research, with a notable focus on cancer prevention and control including survivorship issues. ArginMax is the first dietary supplement to be studied in many years that has demonstrated a statistically significant impact on overall quality of life as well as physical and functional well-being of cancer survivors. In addition, this research gives hope that the ArginMax formulation could be a solution for those suffering from low energy or physical issues resulting from other chronic conditions or from a stressful lifestyle.

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