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Frequently Asked Questions About Sexual Enhancement for Women and ArginMax

What is ArginMax for Women? - ArginMax for Women is a combination of L-Arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, and 14 essential vitamins and minerals which work together to support sexual function and enjoyment. Plus, it provides the benefits of a daily multi-vitamin which includes important antioxidants and the minerals calcium, iron, and zinc.

ArginMax for Women was developed based on the observation that certain botanical extracts may facilitate the conversion of the naturally occurring amino acid, L-arginine, into nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is the key (regulatory molecule) for circulation and arousal.

ArginMax for Women is designed to take a more natural, gentle and gradual approach toward sexual health and wellness, rather than the conventional path of drug treatment.

Is ArginMax a drug? - ArginMax is not a drug. It is a daily nutritional supplement. While it is not intended for the treatment of any disease, many people choose to take dietary supplements to maximize wellness and to promote general health.

Why are nutritional supplements preferable to drugs? - Nutritional supplements take a more gradual, gentle, and natural approach. The focus with supplements is on the optimization of health and wellness, rather than on the treatment of disease. Drugs are used for the treatment of disease, and tend to work by modifying or altering specific biological pathways, sometimes in a very powerful or unnatural manner.

Is ArginMax an aphrodisiac? - ArginMax has been reported to increase libido and sexual stamina. However, it is not an aphrodisiac in the sense that it will not create uncontrollable sexual desire, which is how many people seem to define the word.

Why is it important to have highly standardized extracts of botanical products? - In botanicals like ginseng and ginkgo, it is natural for the active ingredients found in them to vary among different plants and even within different parts of the same plant. It is impossible to control these natural variations. Therefore, it is important that standardization methods be used when these botanicals are processed for use as dietary supplements. These standardization methods ensure that the resulting botanical extract has consistent levels of the active ingredients for which the botanical has value as a dietary supplement.

Why is ArginMax better than just supplementation with L-arginine, ginseng, or ginkgo alone? - ArginMax is formulated to allow these ingredients to work in concert, resulting in a synergistic effect that exceeds the benefits possible with any single one of these ingredients, and at a lower dose of the individual ingredients. In addition, the Daily Wellness Company formulates ArginMax using only highly standardized grades of ingredients.

How is ArginMax different from other natural products on the market that claim they can improve sexual function? - There is sound scientific basis for the mechanisms of action of ArginMax as it relates to the Nitric Oxide pathway. All ingredients used in ArginMax have a long history of human use and safety. There is scientific validation of the benefits of ArginMax through physician directed research studies published in peer reviewed medical journals and presented at international medical forums.

There are numerous other natural products on the market for which the research data is absent, the "mystery" ingredients are undefined, the safety is unknown, and the mechanism of action not established. We recommend that you look at the product's ingredient listing carefully. If the product does not clearly state the name and amount of the ingredients in a detailed Supplement Facts table, and if you cannot find any scientific substantiation regarding studies on the product that is referenced in scientific journals, be cautious.

The Daily Wellness Company will continue to support medical research and studies to expand the scientific basis of ArginMax and its credibility as a nutritional supplement for female sexual health and well-being.

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How long before it starts to work and how long will it last? - As a nutritional supplement, take 6 capsules total in the course of a day. While some may feel improvement in as little as 2 weeks, use for at least 4 weeks to begin experiencing enhanced sexual health and wellness. Continue to take 6 capsules daily to maintain maximum results.

Why does it take 2-4 weeks for it to work? - ArginMax is a nutritional supplement that provides the natural biochemical components important to support female sexual health. Because ArginMax is not a drug, and takes a gradual, gentle, and natural approach, a certain amount of time is required before a steady state is reached. The length of time will vary depending on the age and general health of the individual.

What if I don't notice any effect? - ArginMax will not work for everyone. In fact, no product can claim that it will work for everyone. If you've taken ArginMax for 4 to 6 weeks at the recommended dose and have noticed no effect in either sexual health or physical stamina, then it probably doesn't work for you. If you have been sporadic in taking it, we recommend that you continue until you've taken it at the proper dosage daily for at least 4 consecutive weeks.

What other benefits does ArginMax provide? - Along with supporting sexual health, ArginMax may also benefit circulation as reflected by physical stamina and endurance. ArginMax also provides the full daily value of many key vitamins and minerals. Supplementation with ginkgo, a key ingredient in ArginMax, has been known to improve concentration and short-term memory. L-Arginine, a key amino acid found in ArginMax, has been reported by the Mayo Clinic recently to play an important role in cardiovascular health.

When do I take it? - ArginMax should be taken daily. The recommended serving is 6 capsules per day, either all at once or 3 in the morning and 3 in the evening. We recommend a course of 4 weeks minimum of daily ArginMax for the optimal opportunity to see the full initial benefits.

What if I stop taking it? - The benefits and improvements you've gained from ArginMax will decline if you discontinue taking the recommended serving on a daily basis.

What if I miss a day or two? - Missing a day or two will not make a dramatic difference. If you've forgotten to take ArginMax for a day or two, just start again at the regular daily dose. Remember, though, that you will not achieve optimal benefits if you take ArginMax sporadically.

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What if I don't take the full recommended serving? - People may differ in their response to any supplement. You may try a lower than recommended serving, but if results are less than optimal within 2-4 weeks, you should try the recommended dose and give that at least 4 weeks to demonstrate the benefits. Whatever dose you end up deciding on, it's important that you follow the directions and take a consistent dose of ArginMax every day. Otherwise, you will be unlikely to achieve the optimal benefits of increased sexual health and wellness.

Should I take more than the recommended dose? - Taking more than the recommended daily serving of 6 capsules per day will not produce any additional benefits and is not recommended. Taking large quantities of ArginMax at one time can result in upset stomach and potentially other medical problems. It is always prudent to consult a physician immediately if you experience adverse medical problems from taking too much of any product.

Is there anyone who should avoid taking ArginMax? - As a general rule, anyone with any medical conditions including but not limited to anyone on prescription medications, or with a history of cancer, heart disease, stroke, migraine headaches, renal failure, liver failure, severe allergies, or other conditions, should consult their physician before starting on a new diet or nutritional supplement. In addition if you are pregnant or are nursing, you should avoid taking ArginMax or any other supplements without the prior evaluation by a physician. Please refer to the next section on drug interactions. ArginMax is not recommended for anyone under 18 years of age.

Do the ingredients in ArginMax interact with any other foods/drugs? - The ingredients in ArginMax have a long history of use in humans and are not known to interact in an adverse way at the recommended dose with any foods. As a general rule, however, those taking any prescription medications including but not limited to cardiovascular medications, chemotherapy, antibiotics, hormone therapy, anti-clotting medications, hypertension medications, migraine medications, and others should consult with their physician before taking ArginMax (the ingredient quantities are listed on the label for you and your physician's reference) or any other nutritional supplements. Also, if you are currently taking any of these herbs -- Korean ginseng, Damiana, Ginkgo biloba, or the amino acid L-Arginine -- please remember to stop taking these other herbs, as ArginMax already already contains these ingredients.

Is L-arginine associated with herpes outbreaks? - The amino acid L-arginine does NOT cause transfer of herpes among individuals, and will NOT promote herpes in someone who is not infected. In addition, scientific studies do NOT support the "street tale" that dietary intake of L-arginine may be involved in activating herpes in those who are infected. There are no medical studies demonstrating that modifying dietary levels of L-arginine or lysine (an amino acid that competes with L-arginine for uptake) has any effect on herpes outbreaks. Recurrent herpes flare ups occur with such frequency that it is impossible to establish any causal relationship between dietary amino acids and recurrent HSV. ArginMax itself does not cause or induce HSV. For those with herpes, it is important to be aware that it is more likely that local factors are the cause: sunlight, trauma (even light trauma), transient immune suppression caused by an intercurrent viral infection, and others. This information is based on the input of medical experts in the area of infectious disease. Be very careful of any contradictory information that you may find elsewhere. Always find out the actual source of the information and their credentials before taking any action or making any decision on it. The Internet is notorious for official sounding/looking medical advice that are in reality "street tales" with no medical or scientific basis.

Is ArginMax regulated by the FDA, and what do they and other authorities have to say about it? - The Daily Wellness Company complies with all product standardization and quality control requirements prescribed by the FDA. Advertising and efficacy claims for ArginMax are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health Education Act).

Can I take ArginMax when I am pregnant or breast-feeding? - None of the herbs, vitamins, minerals or L-arginine in ArginMax carry any specific warnings against use among healthy pregnant or breast feeding women. However, it is always prudent to avoid starting any new diet or nutritional supplement regimen during this phase of your life without the evaluation of your personal physician.

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