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In the latest (and raciest!) human lab experiment, three women who would like to increase their sex drive put three different products to the test:

Carolyn, 44 says, "When it comes to sex, it's very hard to switch gears from my hectic lifestyle as a working mom to being with my husband." She tries a drink that uses herbs with an aphrodisiac quality.

Jamie, 26, lives with her fiancé and admits, "Our sex life is probably less than what it should be. I don't initiate -- ever." Hoping to reignite some passion, Jamie listens to a set of hypnosis CDs by clinical hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen.

Mary Ann, 49, says, "My sex drive is good, but it doesn't take priority over my work." She tries the a small patch worn on the wrist that uses your sense of smell to kick start your libido.

Sex expert Dr. Hilda Hutcherson explains that these women are normal, and that it's not uncommon for couples to think their sex life might be lacking. "Nobody thinks that they're having the right amount of sex," she says, "whatever that is. You always hear this number -- three times a week -- but that puts a lot of pressure on women. What I always say is whatever you and your partner are happy with, that's normal for you. So it may be three times a day or it may be once a month. If you're both happy then there's no problem. The problem occurs when one person wants it more than the other."

Rachael asks Dr. Hilda if women should have any concerns when shopping for items that claim to boost their sex drive. "Most of the products are going to be completely safe," she says. "But I would say if you're going to put anything inside your body, it's probably better to speak to a doctor first. You never know how your body is going to react to something that you ingest internally."

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