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Dealing with Menopause: Sex and Menopause

One of the major concerns women may have once they begin dealing with menopause is that sex is not as satisfying as it once was. This can be due to the lack of natural lubrication and also thinning of the vaginal walls. Sexual activity can cause pain, and sometimes bleeding, if care is not taken.

Lack of estrogen is a culprit in the loss of sex drive, which can make many women depressed. Even if all other issues with sex are addressed (cautious lover, lubrication, kegels), sex drive can still be diminished. This is because women need more than just physical triggers, sexual desire in women is charged by physical and mental stimulation.

There are different methods to increase satisfaction. It has been found that using vitamin E as a cream can help improve the elasticity of the vaginal walls, along with increasing lubrication. There has been some indication that vitamin E can slightly increase sensitivity if used over time.

Estrogen creams can be used in the same way as vitamin E. The estrogen creams work to prevent thinning of vaginal walls and may also help increase natural lubrication. Estrogen helps improve mood, and a good mood helps improve any sexual desire.

Commercial preparations are available, along with prescription medication. Not all commercial creams or pills will give any effect, though two have been mentioned in a positive light by the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy: Arginmax and Zestra. Viagra has been used by some women, with varying results—none as spectacular as the results men experience.

Dealing with menopause means changing your lifestyle. I've noticed that vitamin E helps nicely with lubrication, without any of the irritation that I can have with some aids. While adding soy to my diet is helping with the other symptoms, vitamin E is my go-to solution for coming to terms with sex during menopausal symptomatic days.

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