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ArginMax In The News

Natural Supplements To Improve Sexual Health

April 2009 - "Revive your sex life with a mix of botanicals, vitamins, and minerals" Dr. Jennifer Gunter, a nationally and internally renowned obstetrician/gynecologist, examines how ArginMax works and its clinical studies.

September 2008 - "Beating the Bedroom Blues" Reporter Heather Granato reviews ArginMax's clinical study and interviews Daily Wellness' general manager on ArginMax and its benefits.

May 2008 - "The Life Lines of Women" Reporter Amanda Baltazar discusses how ArginMax can help women boost their sexual desire.

April 22, 2008 - "ArginMax for Women Press Release" Clinical Study on ArginMax Published in Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy Showing Libido Enhancement in Menopausal Women Accepted for Presentation at AASECT 40th Annual Conference.
February 11, 2008 - "ArginMax says its studies support its effect on libido" Unlike ads that boast sexual desire through attractive models, LA Times reporter Chris Woolston states that ArginMax takes a differernt approach in marketing to its consumers by providing "actual scientific studies published in real medical journals, a rarity in the world of libido remedies."
January 15, 2008 - Rachel Ray Show "Human Lab: Sex Drive" The Rachael Ray Show featured a segment called the Human Lab: Sex Drive. In this segment, three women experimented with products that claim to boost libido. ArginMax was mentioned as a libido booster with clinical studies.
October 2007 - "Can An Amino Acid Boost My Libido?" Dr. Elizabeth Gunther Stewart states that L-Arginine could boost a woman's libido.
September 2007 - "The New Science of Sensational Sex" Prevention reporter Nancy Kalish spoke with certified sex researcher Beverly Whipple PhD. who recommends ArginMax to boost libido in Women.
December 2006 - "5 Facts About Orgasms" Oprah magazine reports that ArginMax has shown to improve sexual satisfaction.
"Recharge Your Libido with L-Arginine" Bill Gottlieb, author of Bottom Line's Breakthroughs in Drug-Free Healing, states that fourty-three percent of American women report some type of sexual problem.
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Over the last 9 years, we've received thousands of inquiries on how ArginMax compares to competitive products. Of greatest concern are consumer ...
"Thanks to ArginMax, we're experiencing our second honeymoon and feel like kids again!"
Edma, Rockdale TX

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