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L-Arginine Effects In Improving Sexual Stamina

ArginMax is a premium performance formula of L-arginine, ginseng, ginkgo, antioxidants, and vitamin B complex that work in concert to support sexual fitness AND provide you with your daily value (DV) of 13 vitamins and minerals.

L-ARGININE is an essential amino acid necessary for the formation of nitric oxide, the body's key signaling molecule for starting and maintaining an erection.

GINSENG promotes energy, stamina, and endurance, and supports sexual function by stimulating the production of nitric oxide.

GINKGO supports sexual function by enhancing blood circulation and improving the nitric oxide pathway.

VITAMINS A, C and E have major roles as antioxidants, and are involved in reproductive processes.

B-COMPLEX VITAMINS are critical to the activity of hundreds of enzymes and play an important role in energy metabolism.

SELENIUM works as an antioxidant, supports immune defenses, and is involved in reproductive function.

ZINC is crucial to cell growth, immune function, fertility and reproduction.

NIACIN helps to dilate blood vessels and activates the release of histamine. Histamine, normally released during sexual excitation, causes the face and chest to flush and enhances lubrication.


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